Saturday, June 28, 2008

Finally Home!

We just got home from a long week (two for Kirk) of camp.  It's so nice to be sitting on my own couch (the dogs are quite happy about that as well).  After sleeping in a cabin with 30 rickety bunk beds and about 50 girls, I can't wait to sleep in my own comfortable bed in my quiet room.  I also look forward taking a shower in my own tub and eating some healthy, non-processed food.  It was a good week and the high schoolers who attended the camp loved it.  The ten girls in my group were great, which I really appreciated.  That said, it sure is nice to be home.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

Enjoying the Monument

The beautiful Colorado National Monument is just a couple of miles from our house.  It's an amazing view from town, but the views from on top of it are breathtaking.  We don't get up there often enough, but since Kirk's mom and grandma are here, we had to make sure they saw it.    

Friday, June 6, 2008

Finally Friday

After four days back at work for summer school, I am very ready for a break.  The last two years that I have taught summer school it has been half days.  This year, we are doing full days, which has its advantages money-wise, but not time-wise.  All that to say that I have quite a bit of catching up to do today and several errands to run.   

As for our trip to Fiji, it has been postponed.  Three people pulled out at the last minute, meaning that we lost our group rate for the plane tickets and therefore cannot travel when we had planned.  We are hoping that we will still be able to go and trusting that the poor planning of a few people will not keep two villages from getting clean water.

In great news, Kirk's mom and grandma will be arriving on Tuesday to spend a week with us to celebrate his 30th birthday.  I'm sure we'll have a great time with them.  This is their first trip to Grand Junction, so we have lots of things to show them.  I'm sure we'll take a drive up on the beautiful Colorado National Monument and maybe even on the Grand Mesa.  We don't get to spend much time with family, so we relish every moment.


I've had some requests for pictures of our goats and here they are, sort of, finally.  Carlton was the only one who would stay still enough for me to get some pictures.  I will have to post pictures of Estella another day.

Carlton checking things out and looking quite shabby as he is losing his winter coat.