Saturday, September 26, 2009


Kirk got his first elk and first kill with a bow yesterday evening. This was the last weekend of bow season on the Grand Mesa where he was hunting, so we were hoping and praying that he would get something. He got a great shot and this bull went down about 25 yards from where he hit it. We are so thankful that we will now have a freezer full of delicious meat.

Kirk with his friend Craig who called for him and helped get the animal off the mountain.

Two Months Old

Trip turned two months old today! We have our doctor's appointment on Monday, so we'll have more updates after that about his weight and such. He gets more alert each week and is interacting more and more with people. He smiles at me several times a day and is starting to smile at other people too. Kandis, our friend who babysits him said that he smiled at her this week and on Thursday he was smiling at her baby, Joel, who is four months old.

This one cracks me up! It's like he's going to say something.

Checking out Daddy's elk.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

First Night Away

Trip is eight weeks old today! We just spent our first night away from home last night while visiting our friends the Coes in Glenwood Springs. It was a bit of a rough night for Trip, but we made it. He was a little congested, so he didn't sleep well on top of being in a new place. He was happy this morning, though and I was able to capture the first picture of him smiling.

Sleeping after church while Daddy watches football.

His little hands and fingers are getting bigger.

All bundled up with his monkeys getting ready to head home.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Getting Stronger!

Here is Trip this evening sitting with Daddy and doing a great job of holding his head up.

Looking at the light

Getting tired

Thanks to Aunt Tammi and Uncle Gary for the cute "go bananas" bodysuit- it's been one of our favorite newborn outfits! Trip has worn it often and we're sad that he is about to outgrow it.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Seven Weeks and Back to Work

Friday was my first day back at work. Since Fridays are planning days at my school, I was able to take Trip with me. He usually sleeps most of the morning, so I figured he would fall asleep in the car and sleep through our staff meeting. Of course that did not happen, but fortunately he wasn't fussy. He was wide awake when we got to school and everyone was so thrilled that he was looking at them when they came to admire him.

Yesterday he was sitting next to me on the couch while I was trying to figure out our new math curriculum and planning lessons for the week. He fell asleep and slowly started sliding down in his seat. I left the room for a little while to fold some laundry and Kirk called me back to see this:

Apparently he was comfortable, though because he continued sleeping like that.

The best thing that happened yesterday was that Trip smiled at me for the first time. He has been grinning for a while, but this was a real smile that took over his whole face. He did it twice in a row, and then I haven't been able to get him to do it again. At least we know that more smiles will be coming soon! I look forward to capturing some on film (or rather on memory card) to share with you!

Here he is today at seven weeks old, hanging out and watching football.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Six Weeks Old

Trip is sitting with his daddy right now and doing a great job of holding his head up. He gets stronger each day. I was able to snap this picture right before he got the hiccups (which happens pretty much on a daily basis).

Here he is playing on his jungle mat.

He's starting to notice the toys that hang above him.