Saturday, January 23, 2010

Discovery of the Week: My Tongue

This week Trip has discovered that it's very fun to stick out his tongue. He kept doing it when he was at work with me yesterday, which my coworkers thought was super cute. I had him laughing at me today when I would stick my tongue out back at him.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tummy Time

Trip likes tummy time on Daddy or Mommy. While we were in Oregon, he started rolling off Daddy's chest, which he thought was a great game.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Big Changes

The last week has brought many new things for Trip...
  • He had a very difficult night last Saturday. We were puzzled about it until the next morning when I felt a little tooth starting to poke out of his bottom gum! He was somewhat unhappy on Sunday too, but we really can't complain. He's handled it like a champ. This weekend, his other bottom tooth started coming through as well.

  • Trip is loving eating solids each evening! He's even gotten to the point of getting upset when I'm eating or drinking in front of him. He wants that spoon, fork, or glass to be going to his mouth instead of mine! Last weekend he got to try peas for the first time and this weekend he started eating sweet potatoes. So far I've made all of his food, which has been fun. I've been cooking the veggies and fruits, blending then up, and freezing them in ice cube trays for easy portioning and defrosting. Up in the next few weeks are pears, apples, and bananas.

  • He has finally decided to start rolling over now too. He's still not rolling from one place to another, but at least he's figured out that he can roll. He especially likes to go from his back to his side and then to his tummy.

Thank you to Great Uncle Gary and Great Aunt Nata for the Beavers outfit so that Trip can root for Auntie Rachel's school!

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Trip got LOTS of love while we were in Oregon! He sure enjoyed his time with Grandpa, Noni, and Auntie Rachel.

Trip loved looking out the window with Grandpa and watching all the cars go by.

One evening Mom and I were working in the kitchen and had Trip sitting in the doorway watching us. When Dad got home, he sat down with Trip, who was fascinated by his grandpa and all his fun tricks.

Kisses! Grandpa got Trip to laugh harder than he has ever laughed.

Of course, there was lots of snuggling with Noni.

Noni has just the right touch to get Trip to sleep or calmed down when he's upset. Here she is reenacting a favorite picture that we took five months ago.

Trip liked hanging out with Auntie Rachel too!

Getting snuggles after a long day of meeting our extended family.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Celebrating the New Year in Oregon

We were able to make a quick trip to Oregon the week after Christmas. The time was too short as always, but we were able to see most of my family. Unfortunately we weren't able to visit friends, though- sorry to those of you who we missed.

Kirk was singing at church on Christmas Eve and had to work the day after Christmas so we couldn't be with family on Christmas, but as soon as he got off work on Saturday evening, we were on the road. We drove through the night again, which works really well for Trip. We arrived in Portland just in time to hear our friend Chris speak at his church on Sunday. It was perfect timing because Trip was done with being in his car seat and needed a break. We also got the great surprise that my cousin Beth just happened to be at the same church that morning. After the service, we headed straight to my parents' house.

We had a great time relaxing at Dad's and Mom's and getting to spend time with them and Rachel. We were able to introduce Trip to my grandparents as well as all of my aunts and all but one of my uncles. He got to meet some of my cousins too.

Godaert four generation picture

Trip with both of his great grandmas on my side of the family

Four generations and two sets of mothers and sons

Twedell four generation picture

Meeting Great Grandpa Conrad.

Sitting with Great Grandma Joy and loving the toy that she and Great Grandpa gave him.

Talking to Great Gran

Coming soon, pictures of Trip with Grandpa, Noni, and Auntie Rachel!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Five Months Old

The day after Christmas was Trip's 5 month birthday. As you can see from the pictures, he is getting much more active and interested in the world around him. He was not wanting to sit still to have his picture taken! Here are some updates:
  • He is enjoying playing with toys, watching the dogs, and talking to lights.
  • He is laughing so much more than he was just a couple of weeks ago, which is really fun.
  • Trip is working hard on sitting up too. Sometimes he can sit independently for a few seconds at a time.
  • He is also very interested in food. He likes to watch people eat and especially loves the blue water bottles that I use every day. He has been eating solids most evenings. So far he has had rice cereal, sweet potatoes, and carrots. He has been getting tired of the rice cereal lately so more vegetables and some fruits will definitely be on the menu in the near future.

Looking at his favorite light fixture in our living room- he likes it whether the light is on or not.

Telling his monkey some secrets.

Checking out that light again!

Trip's first experience with rice cereal- he insisted on putting his hands in his mouth and therefore had cereal all over his face, hands, and hair. Fortunately, he isn't that messy on a regular basis, but I know we have many messier meals to come when he starts feeding himself!