Sunday, October 31, 2010

Important Phone Call

We discovered this morning that Trip knows just what to do with a phone, complete with pacing and everything. Hum, I wonder where he learned that? Enjoy!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Guest post by Noni

Hi! I'm Aimee's mom and Trip's Noni, and I get to be a guest blogger! Aimee's dad and Trip's grandpa has been hunting in the area this week, and we've been enjoying the time to interact with Trip (and his family, of course!) One of the things I've done the last couple times we've come visit is to give Trip a haircut, just a bit at a time. We want to keep it looking natural AND he doesn't have much patience for it, either! We decided to try during his bath this time, with mixed success. Aimee found a second comb for him to hold...

...and he eventually ended up with both of them!

All was well by the end, and he was happy to snuggle into his hooded towel!

Trip loves playing outside, as any regular reader of this blog knows!
He has been enjoying the leaves and how they crunch under his feet.

I discovered that Trip loves to help sweep leaves from the driveway, so we've been working a little bit every day on the project!

We eventually ended up in the yard, still with the broom!

As always, we need to read books, and Trip's job is to turn the pages!

What a joy Trip is to all of us!

Saturday, October 23, 2010


With five huge trees on our property, we have no shortage of leaves on the ground right now. Yesterday a couple of Trip's friends were over and we raked up a pile of leaves for the boys to enjoy...

Trip was also showing off his walking skills. He's not walking all the time yet, but is definitely choosing walking over crawling most of the time.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Movin' to the Music

Both Beth and Tammi have posted several cute videos of their boys as of late, which has inspired me to pull the videos of Trip off of my phone and share them with you.

Trip got this tractor for his birthday. He has figured out how to push the button and make it play music and make sounds, and loves to do it over and over again. Each time he hears the music, he starts to dance.

Trip absolutely LOVES being outside. One of his favorite things to do while out there is to ride or push his truck.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sunset Walk

This summer, I have tried to be good about getting out for a walk several times a week. Trip loves to ride in his stroller and we have enjoyed exploring different routes around town. The other evening, we were out for a spectacular sunset, which always makes a walk more exciting. I was rushing to each next place to get pictures when the sun was just right. I love watching the colors of the sky change and get more intense, only to disappear moments later.

This silo is one of my favorite things in town. It's falling apart but looks so cool when the sun hits it at different times of day.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I have misplaced the cord to the camera and have been unable to transfer photos, thus limiting my blogging lately. I have however, caught some cute things on my phone, so I can share those.

Here are Trip and Kelly looking cute at the middle school football game last week. Trip wasn't too sure about wearing a hat.

Trip has taken to sitting in his toy basket. He likes to get in there and read books, which we all love.

This time he was watching Sports Center with Uncle Erik too.