Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kiss the Pig

Every couple of years, our school PTA does a fundraiser called "Kiss the Pig." For a week, students bring in change (no bills allowed) and put the coins in containers in each teacher's classroom. The two teachers whose students raise the most money have to kiss a pig. If the students raise over $1,500, the principal has to pucker up as well.

At the beginning of the week, we had an assembly and they brought in an ugly full grown pot-bellied pig. One of the fourth grade teachers in particular was really grossed out and didn't want to have to kiss that pig. Of course, she ended up getting lots of money and was in the lead until the very last day. She ended up taking second place because the kindergarten parents decided that they really wanted Pat, the kindergarten teacher (pictured on the right) to be the one to have to kiss the pig. Fortunately, the day of the final assembly, they brought a super cute piglet to do the actual kissing. Juan (on the left), had to kiss the pig because he was trying to get his students to put money in other teachers' containers instead of his.

All in all, we raised just over $1,530 to help pay for a water fountain for our playground. You can watch the video from our local paper here. It's pretty funny. You'll see the ladies putting on lipstick and the pig squealing when they tried to kiss it. Enjoy!

By the way, I was one of the winners when we did this two years ago, so I had the honor of kissing the piglet then. It wasn't bad at all, but I was happy not to have to do it this time. A couple of my students told me that they didn't want me to have to kiss the pig because they said my baby wouldn't like it.