Saturday, December 29, 2007

Thank you, Mr. REI Employee

So this morning there was an REI yard sale. We got there just as they were letting people in. We looked around in all the craziness and found a few things, but nothing absolutely amazing. Then, we waited around for a while and the deals began. I don't know if it was the bitter cold or a lingering Christmas spirit, but Mr. REI Employee was in a mood to slash already slashed prices.

Kirk found a $250 GPS device that was marked $50.93. He played with it for a while and wasn't quite sure if it was working, so he went to Mr. REI Employee. He told him that he would be willing to play with it for $10. The guy marked it right down. I found a $200 North Face down coat with some small tears on one shoulder that was marked $24.93. I asked him what he could do for me since I would need to do some work on the coat. He said that it would definitely take about $12 worth of work, so he made it $12.93. I will definitely take some cosmetic damage for a great warm coat. I also got a brand new pair of Columbia jeans slashed from $12.93 to $3.93. Our friend got practically new snowboard boots and ski boots for $4.93 and $0.93 respectively.

All I have to say is thank you Mr. REI Employee. I hope you will be there and in the same mood next time.

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