Thursday, January 10, 2008

Snow, glorious snow

We have had an unusually snowy December and now January here in Western Colorado.  Although it can cause a few disruptions to normal life like a longer drive to work, lots of time spent cleaning off cars, and trying to walk extremely carefully so as not to slip or get in in your shoes, I LOVE IT!  I love the equalizing and beautifying qualities of a blanket of fresh snow.  I love the quiet and calm that it brings.  I love watching my students playing in it.  I love seeing Jale run through it and Habe trudge through it.  It's so wonderful.

Yesterday was probably our biggest snow yet, resulting in about 4 inches of it at our house.  It had started snowing during the night, which is totally normal.  When I got up at 6:00am, it was still snowing.  By the time I got to work just after 7:00, still snowing... 8:00 when my students walked through the door, still snowing... recess time at 9:45, still snowing.  By then, I was in the office area of our school assessing students and could hear our principal in her office talking with our district's transportation director and both of them making calls to higher-ups to see if we could send students home early to make sure that they got home safely.  Sure enough, the announcement came shortly thereafter that we would be sending students home at 1:00.  Unfortunately, we had students all the way until 4:00, and we didn't get to leave early, but it sure was an adventure!  I'm just thankful that I wasn't in the office with the five other people making phone calls to the parents of all our students.

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