Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Three More Weeks

I have pretty much felt like this all summer, but now that I have to go back to work in three weeks (yikes!), it's time to get my act together and get projects done.  I have been working on organizing and sorting around the house and doing a few crafts, but not as much as I had hoped.  Of course, resting and a certain degree of laziness are important, but I also know that the more I get done this summer, the easier I will make my life during the school year.

Yesterday I washed most of our outside windows, something I had not done in ... well, I don't know how long ... meaning way too long.  It's amazing how clear things are when you look out clean windows (I know, wow, what a revelation!).  I discovered that I can hose down the window and screen and then hook a rag into my Swiffer to easily clean even hard-to-reach windows.   

I am also working on cards to replenish my what has become a very meager stash and I am making some to use at school.  I have an agreement with the social committee that instead of paying the yearly activities fee, I will provide cards when they are needed.  I love trades like that!  This year I want to have a bunch made ahead of time so that I don't have to make them at a moment's notice after a busy day.  

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