Thursday, September 11, 2008

Something to Brighten Your Day

It's been a long and busy week filled with crazy students (the weather has been changing and getting stormy, which we could have predicted just by the behavior at school).  Two things brightened my day so I thought I would share them.  

The first is this cute picture of hedgie- who has now officially been named Bono.  He was peaking out of his yogurt-container-home this morning as I was getting ready to leave for work.  He usually faces in, thinking that we won't be able to see him that way.  His furrowed brow is because he was not liking having the camera in his face.

The other thing that brightened my day was something that my partner teacher shared with me after school (and may only be funny to us).  Yesterday she had a group of students making dioramas of Grand Junction with paper, boxes, and other recycled materials.  She gave them some strips of paper to make signs for their buildings.  Some of them knew how to spell the names of the places they were representing, and others simply made their best guess as we teach them to do (although I'm not so sure some of these were a best guess).  Here were some of the gems of the latter group of signs.  See if you can figure them out.  :)

Mick donlses                                = McDonald's
Ice sating ringk                            = Ice Skating Rink
Move thater                                 = Movie theater
Joini coios                                    = Johnny Carinos
Siri Marquet                                = City Market
chaquichis                                    = Chuck E Cheese
famis Daves                                 = Famous Dave's
Banca Gran Fargo                      = Banco Wells Fargo
Almurgesa                                   = Hamburguesa (hamburger)

She also said that one student correctly wrote "Mall" on his team's sign.  His teammates, however, were not buying it that "Mall" was the correct spelling of the word.  He was trying to convince them that he had indeed seen it written that way on a sign.  They finally had to ask her and she was able to confirm that he was correct, much to his delight.

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