Friday, November 7, 2008

The End of Another Week

It's finally Friday, which makes me very happy. This was kind of a strange week because Colorado students have the day off for Election Day so that schools can be used as poling places. Of course teachers don't have the day off, but it was a good opportunity to get some stuff done. Our school never has students on Fridays, so Tuesday really felt like Friday and we all felt weird coming back to teach the next day. After getting a lot of work done on Tuesday I figured I would actually leave around noon today, which is when our contract time is up (but we never leave by then). One thing lead to another and at 4:30, I finally walked out the door and headed home. Oh well!

Since Tuesday was also my birthday, it was nice to have a more relaxed day than I would have had with all my students there. My coworkers were very kind and I got lots of birthday wishes and some beautiful flowers. My student teacher made me a great artichoke dip to enjoy at lunch. After work, my partner teacher and I went out for tea. We spend so much time talking about school stuff that it's nice to have a chance to talk about life outside of school. I also redeemed my coupon for a free cup of birthday ice cream at Cold Stone (go to their web site to register for yours!). Since Kirk had to work until 8:00pm that evening, we went out to dinner with some friends on Sunday night to celebrate. I think I'll continue celebrating this weekend by going shopping and spending some of my birthday money. Yay!

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