Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hanging Out With Friends

Our friends were here for the weekend and spent the night with us. Here are Ian, Analiese, and Trip enjoying a Bob the Builder DVD. Trip was actually interested in watching the TV. Jale was quite happy as well waiting for some popcorn to fall on the floor.

Analiese loved holding Trip.

Our little boy at twelve weeks.

He likes his pacifier at certain times, but has taken to sucking on his hands and fingers too. He hasn't decided on any particular fingers or thumb, though and sometimes ends up with both hands in his mouth.

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Tibbslove said...

Don't you just love the bouncy seat? I take it everywhere, which ensures Lucas being hands-free and in a safe place where he won't be trampled by dogs and other kids. He finds it enjoyable, because he can virtually see around every side and bounce at the same time.
Can you believe it's been three months!? What a cutie you have! Much love to all of you.