Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Our Thanksgiving this year was a wonderful adventure! I got our things packed up over the weekend and on Monday evening. Kirk took me to work on Tuesday and then spent the day getting the car packed and ready to go. As soon as I got off work and we picked up Trip, we were on the road headed to Missouri. We drove all night and into the next day, arriving in Marshfield around noon. Trip slept for most of the night, which was great. He only freaked out twice and did really well.

Just before we left, our friend Kandis dropped off this super cute bib for us. She had traced Trip's hands on it and then made them into turkeys. Isn't it great?!

We spent the rest of Wednesday enjoying time with family and meeting Cooper. We were definitely glad to get to sleep that night!

Thanksgiving morning Kirk and Gary went hunting while I watched Cooper so that Tammi could run the Turkey Trot in Springfield. In the afternoon, we went to Kirk's aunt's house for a delicious dinner. Then, Tammi, her friend Narissa, and I did something really crazy. We all put our little boys to bed and went shopping all night! We hit the outlet mall in Branson first since they opened at midnight. After a few hours of shopping we had a very early breakfast at IHOP and then went to Target. I have never seen so many people waiting to get into a store before. The line just went on and on. Obviously it was a madhouse inside as well. We finally got home around 9 and crashed for a couple of hours. It was a fun experience!

Friday was Erin's birthday, so we had a great dinner out and then headed to Bass Pro Shops. Trip LOVED it there! There were so many cool lights to look at and animals to see. He and Cooper got their picture taken with Santa.

Unfortunately, we had to leave Saturday afternoon, but not before we got some family pictures.

Four generations of Quinlivans

Trip with Daddy, Grandpa, and Great Grandpa

Us with Gary, Tammi, and Cooper

Grandpa and Granny with the boys

We made it home late Sunday morning. Trip did really well on the drive home. He got upset when we were about half and hour from home, but that was it! We are very thankful for such a great vacation! We look forward to when we can share Trip with our family in Oregon and Florida!


La Belle Coccinelle said...

What a trip! I'm glad you made it there and back safely :) And what a good traveler he was! Man, I think on our trip to Colorado I must have freaked out at least two or three times ;)

Bryan said...

We look forward to your visit!!