Friday, April 30, 2010

Little By Little

A lot has happened since my last post. On Thursday morning, Trip's belly was really swollen. The nurse was concerned and warned me that the surgeon might want to put a tube down to his stomach to drain it out.

When Dr. Breaux arrived, he did indeed call for a tube. They tried to put it through Trip's nose, which they said is the most comfortable. Both the nurse and the doctor tried, but they couldn't get it in, so they had to go down his throat. That got a lot of liquid out of his stomach and we could tell almost immediately that it helped him feel a little better. After a little while, we had to put a sock over his left hand because he was trying to play with the tube and pull it out. He was definitely still hurting.

By Friday morning, his tummy was feeling softer, he had been passing gas, and was filling diapers, so the tube came out.

He started being a little more interested in his surroundings as he was on less and less morphine. Our friend Deb brought him this dog that lights up and sings songs.

Friday evening he was finally able to drink some clear liquids. This is a picture of his first bottle. He got two ounces of Pedialyte, which he sucked down in no time. He was quite disappointed when it was gone.

He continued to get Pedialyte during the night and filled lots more diapers. Dr. Breaux cleared him to start nursing this morning and then to start eating other things after that. He also finally got to get disconnected from the IV fluids. He started smiling again this morning, which warmed our hearts. He got to eat some pureed carrots and munched on Cheerios all afternoon.

After Dr. Breaux's visit this evening, the nurse came in and took the IV port out of his hand. That allowed us to give him a bath in the sink. He was very excited to be in the water.

We are SO thankful to have our boy back! He is smiling, laughing, playing, talking, eating, rolling, and doing all of the great things that he does.

If he continues to do well tonight, we will probably get to go home sometime tomorrow.

Thank you for all of your love and prayers. We would not have made it through this whole ordeal without the support of our family and friends.


Morgan Family said...

Yeah, I am so glad to hear he is doing better! Thanks for all the fun comments on our blog too. I miss you so much and I can't wait to get our boys (and mostly us) together sometimes this summer.

La Belle Coccinelle said...

I bet that bath felt pretty good! So glad to see his smile and know he is feeling better. Thanks again for keeping us updated :) Love to you all!