Friday, May 28, 2010

School's Out for Summer!

Wednesday was the last day of school. I spent all of Thursday finishing up paperwork and packing up my classroom. I had hopes of getting it all done in one day, but had to return this morning to finish. Five years worth of stuff takes some time to sort/pack/clean!

Trip came with me today. Thanks to some of my former students who came to work with their parents, he had a fun morning and I was able to get everything done. He loved all the attention!

The girls even got Trip to fall asleep in his car seat. (Notice he's still clinging to the balloon!)

Although I'm so glad that the year is over, it was hard to turn in my keys and close my classroom door for the last time.

As soon as we left school, we headed over to the hospital for Trip's last follow-up appointment with the surgeon. He was happy with Trip's progress and said that he's back to normal. He has gained a pound and a quarter since his last appointment two and a half weeks ago, which is great news.

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La Belle Coccinelle said...

We are getting so close to the end of the year that I can almost taste it! Looking forward to having you a little closer though :)