Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We enjoyed a great Thanksgiving Day in Missouri, but didn't get many pictures! We spent much of the day cooking and preparing for our feast. Kirk brined the turkey and then baked it in a bag. Tammi and I made rolls, mashed potatoes, a cheese ball, and a relish tray. Erin and Nana made stuffing/dressing, sweet potatoes, fresh cranberry relish, gravy, pumpkin pie, cobbler, and date bars. Needless to say, there was plenty of delicious food for us to enjoy.

I put the bread dough in the microwave to keep it out of the way while it rose, and found it like this when I came back to it a couple of hours later. Oops!

We got freezing rain in the morning, making the trees icy and absolutely beautiful.

The boys had stadium seating for Baby Einstein while we worked on the meal.

Tammi and I made some flower arrangements to decorate the table. Unfortunately we were so busy enjoying our feast that we didn't think to take a picture of all of us around the table.

The day ended with a stunning sunset, which was not done justice by this photo.

After dinner, Tammi and I poured over the huge stack of ads and decided where to shop the next morning. We left at 3:15am, met up with a couple of friends, and headed to Springfield where we shopped at Target, Old Navy, and Bass Pro Shops (with a stop at Panera for coffee and bagels mixed in there for good measure).


Tammi said...

A pretty perfect Thanksgiving! SO glad you were able to come.

Tibbslove said...

I adore the flowers. Everything looked gorgeous.