Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Feeling Like Fall

The weather changed quite a bit this last weekend and made it feel much more like fall.  It was cool, overcast, and very rainy.  I took advantage of the weather to light the candles in the living room and enjoy their soft light.  I also baked some rolls stuffed with turkey pepperoni and cheese for dinner.  

Kirk spent the weekend in the mountains at a men's camp.  He said that the fall colors were beautiful up there.  It was much colder and actually snowed on them.  

I spent the weekend working on projects at home.  I decided to get a head start on my report cards that are due for parent-teacher conferences in two weeks.  Unfortunately I only have about an eighth of the work done, but at least they're started, so the next two weekends will bring much of the same.  I spent quite a few hours making games for my students as well.  My partner teacher and I have been developing lots of learning games to use in our classrooms.  Some are based on ideas that we have gotten from books and others we have just made up.  It's something that we both enjoy, so it's fun to get to school on Monday and share what we've each created.  We were asked to share our games and ideas with the rest of our staff this Friday, so we're trying to have some good ones ready.

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