Monday, May 25, 2009

Baby Shower!

My wonderful partner teacher Patricia hosted a baby shower for me on Saturday with our work friends. She and her husband made quite the spread of food (the picture is only half of what they made) and we all had a nice time visiting with each other, laughing, and celebrating the fact that school is out.

The staff got together to get us a gift card to REI so that we can get the stroller we want, which we are really excited about. The other big gift I got was this book that Patricia made for me. She had our students write notes to me and to the baby. They also made drawings and gave name suggestions. Those have been fun to read and have provided many good laughs. She collected letters from our family members as well, all of which are very touching. Thank you to those of you who contributed! I had to wait to read your letters until I got home because I knew they would make me cry. :)

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Tibbslove said...

I am SO pleased to hear your shower was a hit!