Friday, May 1, 2009

Pictures... Finally!

Today I finish week 28, so yes, pictures are way overdue!

I had a doctor's appointment on Tuesday for a regular checkup and to do my glucose tolerance test. I figured it would all go just fine, which it did, except for the glucose part. An hour after I drank the super sweet orange drink, my blood sugar was at 140, and they don't want it to be over 120. So, I had to take yesterday morning off and go do the longer test. I was worried about everything that having gestational diabetes would entail. Fortunately, during the test yesterday, my blood sugar went to 127 and then came right back down. We were so relieved!

In other baby news, we finished our 12 week birthing class last week. Today I got a call from our teacher saying that the first of our classmates are in the hopital having a baby today. We will be the last of the five couples to have our baby, so it will be fun to see how things go for everyone as we wait for our turn.

School will be out in three weeks, which is unbelievable. We have parent-teacher conferences next week, which will be long, but after that the days go by extremely quickly. Unfortunately, report cards are also due in three weeks, so I have to get to work on them. Yikes! It will be nice to have time to get things done around the house soon. I have lots of organizing and sewing to do. I'm definitely looking forward to sleeping in too!


Anonymous said...

You are adorable! No question about it. Thank you. Will keep you in my prayers. Love, Aunt Becky

La Belle Coccinelle said...

Wow, if it's just three weeks for you, that means it's just about four for me... Time seems to fly by! You look absolutely amazing!

Tibbslove said...

Aimee! You're lookin' great! I'm glad to hear school is almost over for you, which will mean some much-needed rest and relaxation as you prepare for all the hub-bub! Hang in there these last few weeks. We're thinking of you... we miss you too.

Love you.

Tammi said...

You look beautiful! I'm glad to FINALLY see a belly pic!
I'm so glad your 2nd test came back ok.
Not too much longer sister!! So glad to be going through this with you:)

Love you!