Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break Fun

Trip and I had a great spring break together. He did lots of playing, talking, laughing, and just being cute. I worked on some projects around the house, did my report cards, and enjoyed being with him.

Playing in his exersaucer while Mommy gets chores done.

Talking to Jale. He sure loves his dogs! He puts his hands out so that she can lick them and then laughs the whole time.

Grandpa and Granny got Trip this Johnny Jump Up. This week he figured out how to jump/dance in it. It's a new favorite activity.

Discovering everything in a package from Grandpa and Noni. He especially likes this Curious George book. Apparently it tastes good.

The dogs have discovered that Trip's banana puffs and sweet potato puffs are tasty. They were waiting anxiously while I was giving Trip some just in case one fell on the floor or I was feeling generous.

We also went on several walks this week. Trip loves being outside, sitting in the stroller, and looking around. Yesterday we took advantage of a brief window of good weather and went on a long walk with our friends DeAnn and Delaney, which we all really enjoyed. Trip and Delaney rode in the stroller together for a little while and played with their toys. They both wanted what the other one had, though, so it didn't last too long. It was pretty funny to watch.

And now, it's back to work. I'm so thankful to have most of my report cards done. That will make this week go much more smoothly.

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La Belle Coccinelle said...

Yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to spring break myself! Mostly because I get to see an adorable little nephew! :)