Saturday, March 27, 2010

Time With Family and Looking Toward the Future

We spent last weekend and the beginning of the week in Oregon. Kirk has been asked to be the pastor of the Foursquare church in Lakeview (a small town in southern Oregon), so we went to check it out. My parents and Rachel met us there and we enjoyed some time together. We had three flights to get there and three to get home, so Trip got lots of experience riding planes. He had some rough moments on the return trip, but did really well overall.

Aunt Tammi helped make Auntie Rachel's day with this onesie that she gave Trip for Valentine's Day.

Trip loved the dried papaya that Noni gave him to suck on.

Every night when we take Trip's clothes off to get ready for bed, he gets a surge of energy and wants to roll around and play. He was enjoying hanging out with Grandpa.

I realized that we didn't get any pictures of Trip's first plane rides. The other new thing that he discovered and that we didn't photograph was sitting in high chairs at restaurants. Gone are the days of him sitting in his car seat or sleeping while we eat. He loved sitting at the table and eating his baby food, rice rusks, veggie puffs, or food off our plates.

We have yet to make our final decision about the job and all of the changes that it would entail, but we're excited about what the future may hold.

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La Belle Coccinelle said...

I loved getting to spend time with you all, and look forward to the next time we see each other! Love you all! :)