Saturday, February 26, 2011


"No" has definitely become one of Trip's favorite words. He has a book called "Where Is Spot?" that has helped him learn that word. The mother dog is looking all over the house for her puppy. Each time she opens a closet, the piano, a box, etc. another animal is inside and says "No!" Spot is not here. I have been trying to capture Trip reading this book for some time now, and was finally able to get footage of Kelly reading it to him. Sorry that it's so dark, but if Trip sees me filming him, it's all over.


Tibbslove said...

Oh Aimee... we have the same book! Lucas LOVES it! He says no a lot too... but it comes out, "No, no, no, no nooooo."
It's so fun to see their vocabulary shaped by books and language we use in our home. Such smart little guys!

La Belle Coccinelle said...

That is probably the cutest reading of a book that I have seen yet! Hopefully he won't get too attached to the word "No!" ;)