Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl!

I was very excited about the Super Bowl this year since the Packers were playing. Last time they made it to the championship, we were still in Belgium and had to get up in the middle of the night to watch it (which adds some extra excitement as well). We had a small crowd this year, which was a change for us. It was nice for me though, because I actually got to sit down and watch the game.

Trip enjoyed playing with my Cheesehead. He kept saying "Cheese!"

He had fun playing peekaboo with it.

Trip enjoyed the food as well. We had jalapeno popper dip, cheesy corn bites, spinach dip and veggies, chicken strips and wings, fries, Rice Krispie treats, and cookies.

Best of all, the Packers won!


Tammy said...

Hi Aimee. So, how did you become a Green Bay Packer fan? You are from Oregon, raised in Belgium - mostly, and lived in Colorado! Why are the Packers your fav?

Thanks for sharing all the pictures and fun stories of Trip. Even though I have only seen him the one time, I feel as though I know him! Tam

La Belle Coccinelle said...

Trip looks super cute in his Packer colours! Our Super Bowl spread consisted of a half tub of sour cream onion dip and some chips. It would have been more spectacular if I hadn't been so sick, oh well!

Aimee said...

Tammy, my dad and grandpa have liked the Packers for a long time. When I started getting interested in football in my teens, it was only natural to continue the family tradition. I'm glad you have enjoyed the blog. With family spread out all over the country, it's a great way to keep in touch- as long as I keep it updated!

Rach, I hope you're finally feeling better! The flus and colds have been nasty this year. Next year you can put on a big spread.

La Belle Coccinelle said...

Thankfully I am feeling a lot better now! Love you all!