Sunday, March 16, 2008

$12.93 never looked so good!

A few months ago I got an amazing deal at the REI yard sale.  I got a $200 North Face down coat for $12.93.  It had some tears on the right shoulder, which I quickly sewed up to prevent any more down from escaping.  

I have been meaning to make a patch to put over the ugly stitching, but just haven't gotten it done.  I finally found some fabric that I liked a few weeks ago, so I washed it and ironed some interfacing to it.  I then made what I thought would be a good patch, sort of like a long rectangle with rounded ends.  Unfortunately, it ended up looking exactly like a feminine hygiene product!  Not exactly what I want to be wearing on the shoulder of my coat.

So yesterday, I decided to do one more productive thing before I have to go back to work.  I set out to make a nice patch for my coat.  It took quite a bit of time since I hand stitched the whole thing, but I think it turned out quite cute.  Definitely way better than the first one!  


Bryan said...

What a cute patch, and very ingenious design and placement! Way to go! Love you, Mom

La Belle Coccinelle said...

Very ingenious! Ingenious and cute!