Friday, August 15, 2008

Back to Work, Part 2

It's been a long week and unfortunately its end brings the beginning of "the real work" once students arrive on Monday. Spending three days in meetings is exhausting, particularly for teachers who are used to being in action.

Our principal decided to cancel the items on the agenda for Wednesday afternoon, which was really nice until I got back to my classroom and saw that Kirk had been trying to call me for quite some time. When I called him back, I found out that he was laying on the bathroom floor writhing in pain, worried that he had no idea what was happening to him, and experiencing more pain that he ever had in his life. Of course, I dropped everything and raced home. A great friend of ours was already there to help. We rushed to the ER and found out that Kirk was passing a kidney stone! Needless to say, he never wants to experience that again.

After all that drama, I had some catching up to do in my classroom yesterday and will have lots to do today. Yesterday evening we had the opportunity to attend a wonderful concert by an amazing guitarist, Trace Bundy. If you have never heard of him or seen him play, watch this video.

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