Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Wedding and an Anniversary

Last Thursday we headed to Conifer (just outside of Denver) where our friends, Jaime and Kelly were getting married the next day.  Kirk did a wonderful job performing the ceremony in this beautiful spot,

surrounded by these mountains,

this creek,

and lots of cool wildflowers.

Kirk's new tradition is to pause during the ceremony and take a picture that no one else can take.

After the wedding on Friday, we headed down the mountain to downtown Denver where we had a hotel room reserved for three nights.  Our fifth anniversary is next weekend, so we figured we would celebrate a few days early.  It was nice to relax and enjoy the city.  We were just a block away from Sixteenth Street, which is a walking street filled with shops and restaurants, and particularly nice at night with all the city lights.

We found some great places to eat and just had fun spending time together.  Both of us were also able to visit some friends on Sunday afternoon.  Unfortunately, now it's back to our real lives and back to work.

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