Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Fun Week

Trip got to enjoy time with both of his aunts this week. On Monday, he ate lunch and hung out with Aunt Tammi on Skype. He had a great time making faces at her.

A little later that afternoon, Auntie Rachel arrived to spend a few days with us. She brought Trip this wagon that she had decorated for him.

Trip loved having Auntie Rachel around. One day, he decided to lick her feet. He kept looking away and then doing it again. We were all laughing hysterically!

Auntie got lots of opportunities to chase him around and keep him out of trouble. We had to get a lock for the screen door because he has figured out how to push it open.

Here he is helping us do laundry. (He climbed in all by himself!)

Thanks for coming to see us, Auntie Rachel (aka our most faithful blog reader and commenter- your trophy will be coming soon!). We sure had fun!


La Belle Coccinelle said...

Ha ha, I still can't quite get over how many times he licked my foot... And how innocently he'd look away each time too!

Tammi said...

I enjoyed eating lunch with you Trip!!
I hope you had a wonderful time with Auntie Rachel!! We love you!!

Matt & Beth said...

Feet licking is by far the funniest form of entertainment for everyone. What a cute little man! I could smooch on him all day!
We love you guys so much.

Kelly said...

What a goober he is! Licking feet...who would've thought. Much love to the whole family