Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun with Grandpa and Noni

As always, Trip had a great time with Grandpa and Noni. He enjoyed being at their house and having a new place to explore. He of course found lots of things to get into.

Here he is playing in the sprinkler with Grandpa. As you can see, he loved it.

Noni was very gracious to share her food with him (after he didn't eat his own dinner, of course).

One of the big benefits of Trip and me getting a few extra days in Albny is that we got to do one of my favorite summer activities, berry picking. Trip fell asleep on our way to Andersonblues and slept for a while, which allowed Mom and me to pick 26 pounds of blueberries.

Another day during his nap I went out and picked some raspberries. I only got 8 pounds of those, but it will be enough to make some freezer jam.

The other thing we did quite a bit of while in Albany was shopping. Since our shopping in Lakeview is limited to Safeway and the next closest stores are 100 miles away in Klamath Falls, there were quite a few things we needed. I especially enjoyed going to Corvallis to Trader Joe's and Winco.


La Belle Coccinelle said...

Ha ha, I loved Trip and Dad's adventures with the sprinkler, it was such a perfectly cute moment!

Morgan Family said...

I wish I could have gone berry picking with you. It makes me think of the summer we picked tons of raspberries for your wedding!