Tuesday, September 7, 2010

More Fun at the Fair

On Sunday afternoon, Trip and Cooper ended up taking naps at different times so while everyone else was having their Sunday nap, I loaded Trip up in the Sleepy Wrap and we walked over to the fair. He loves riding this way and enjoyed the fair much more than he did in the stroller.

First, we went to see the 4-H and FFA animals again. Trip giggled and had a great time looking in the stalls and cages. We found a rabbit that reminded me a lot of a rabbit named Dr. Pepper that I had in high school.

Trip has recently learned to make barking sounds when he sees dogs or stuffed animal dogs. He was "barking" at the cows, so I was trying to teach him what sound cows make.

After making our way through the barns, we watched the last two events of the rodeo. We saw the women's team roping and the bronc riding. Trip was a pretty good sport even though the action was far enough away that he probably didn't enjoy it much.

Tammi, Cooper, and Kirk came to join us after the rodeo and we visited the indoor exhibits together. We saw the art, flowers, baked goods, jams and jellies, produce, photographs, quilts, and such that both adults and children had entered. With such a short growing season and unpredictable climate, the produce entries were not much to boast about. Some of the flowers were amazingly beautiful, however. There were some absolutely stunning and intricate quilts as well as some great photographs and paintings. Kirk and I are already thinking about what we might enter into next year's fair.

Our last stop was to see the elephants. Last Wednesday when they were setting up the carnival, Kirk was standing in our driveway and could hear elephants trumpeting. He came in the house laughing, telling me that there must be elephants at the fair. Sure enough, there was a man there with two of them. It was $8 per person for a ride so we passed, but it was still fun to see elephants just a couple of blocks from our house.

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La Belle Coccinelle said...

Sounds like you all had a fun time! One of my coworkers enters her embroidery in state and local fairs every year, and I love getting to see her handiwork. It'd be fun to see everyone else's too!