Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas in Lakeview

We had a wonderful Christmas season here in Lakeview. About a week before Christmas, it snowed and stayed cold enough that we had a white Christmas. We then got more snow shortly after Christmas.

Kirk did a great job putting lights on the house. We also had lots of leftover limbs from our Christmas tree, which he tied to the porch railing. It all looked wonderfully festive!

Bad picture, but you get the idea. I have always dreamt of having a window large enough so that the Christmas tree would be visible from the street. I got my wish this year. (Sorry for the weird underlining in this post- Blogger is being strange.)

We got to go up in the national forest near our house to cut down a Christmas tree. The snow was over a foot deep, which made it quite a workout to carry Trip around.

We didn't find a great tree the first time around, so Kirk and Erik went back up the mountain later and ended up finding us a real beauty.

Trip did a great job not bothering the tree. After a few times of being told no, he got the message and left the ornaments alone. He would at times hover around them and almost touch them, but knew he shouldn't.

With six of us living here, we had a nice collection of gifts under the tree.

This was our advent calendar. I have been collecting baby socks for a while now in hopes of doing this project. I didn't put any gifts or candy in the socks this year, but hope to do so in the future. Instead, we had a monkey to tell which day it was.

Trip enjoyed moving the monkey to the next sock each day.

We had the cards we received hanging down the hall, and more pictures hanging on the fridge.

On the 23rd, I made a batch of Pioneer Woman's cinnamon rolls (yes, all of that is just one batch!). Tammi introduced us to them at Thanksgiving, and we loved them, so I had to make some for us to enjoy and there were lots to share too.

On Christmas Eve, Kirk fried a turkey and we celebrated with Jaime and Kelly. After our dinner, we attended the community Christmas service, and came home to open presents. I realized that I didn't get any pictures of Trip opening his presents, mostly because we were on Skype with Gram, he was tired, and was only interesting in one thing at a time.

On Christmas morning, we ate cinnamon rolls, opened stockings, and then got on the road to visit my family in Albany.

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La Belle Coccinelle said...

So glad I got to see the house all decorated :) I love the monkey advent!