Monday, January 10, 2011

December Photo Roundup

Here are some photos from December that didn't fit in any other posts, but were still worth sharing.

One evening as we were all watching TV (maybe even A Charlie Brown Christmas), Trip decided to come cuddle with me on the floor. He was being super cute so Kelly snapped a picture of us.

Trip likes to find books in his toy basket or on the shelves in his room and bring them to someone (usually me) so that we will read to him.

We braved the cold one day to play outside for a while. Trip really doesn't mind the cold and had lots of fun. In the end, though, between his puffy coat and multiple layers of clothing, it was hard for him to stand back up when he fell down and he ended up going head first into some mud. There were a few tears at first, but once we came inside and showed off his muddy face and hands to Daddy, he was fine.

A spatula is a normal eating utensil, right?

I made the mistake of giving Trip a bowl of cereal (with no milk, of course!), which he ate nicely for a while and then dumped on the couch. The dogs were happy to take care of what fell on the floor, but I definitely had to vacuum as well.

Once the mess was cleaned up, he discovered that Holly makes a comfortable chair.

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La Belle Coccinelle said...

Ha ha, I love the muddy-nose picture! And the one of you two cuddling is pretty cute too :)