Wednesday, January 12, 2011


During our time in Albany, we enjoyed one of our favorite meals, raclette. Raclette is a delicious (although stinky) cheese from Switzerland that is melted and served over potatoes. Sausages and other meats accompany the cheese. Little pickles and pickled onions are served as well to cut the richness of the meal and aid in digestion. This is a meal that we can only really have at Dad and Mom's house because they have the raclette machine and are close enough to Trader Joe's to get the cheese, so we are always excited when we get the opportunity to have it.

The raclette and sausages, ready to be heated up

First, you place a piece of cheese in your little frying pan.

Next, you place it in the raclette machine under a heating element that melts the cheese. The same heating element grills the meat on the top.

Once your cheese is bubbly and slightly browned, it's ready to pull out and eat.

You use a mini wooden spatula to scrape the cheese out onto the potatoes and/or meat.

Time to enjoy!

Thanks to Rachel for her help demonstrating the process! I'm already looking forward to next time!


La Belle Coccinelle said...

Yum! Now that's a good memory :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, raclette is wonderfully good. It is not absolutely necessary to eat sausages with it. You can also have oignon salade, for eg.