Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's Becoming Quite Difficult...

... to get a picture of Trip these days! He loves to look at pictures and videos of himself on our camera and phones, so whenever he sees one of these devices, he thinks he should be looking at pictures instead of being photographed. Here is an example of the routine:

Trip is being funny, eating with a wooden spoon and taking a bite of three crackers at a time, so I grab the camera.

I'm able to get one shot and then it begins (although you can tell that it was already staring in the first picture). It starts with upset noises, pointing, and motioning.

Then comes the crying...

and the screaming. Yikes!

So if the blog posts and pictures are a little more scarce for a while, that's why. Let's hope this stage passes quickly!


La Belle Coccinelle said...

Ha! Such tiny tragedies ;) Love the wooden spoon + crackers x3 action though!

Tibbslove said...

Oh Aimee... dear Aimee.... I feel like you're photographs are an image into our daily lives. Lucas' inability to control his emotional responses have been overwhelming. As Rachel put it... the "tiny tragedies" are humorous and yet overwhelming. Our days are full of them.
Trip is adorable with his wooden spoon, by the way. And he looks so big sitting at the table! Sheesh.