Sunday, August 14, 2011

More Traveling

We have done a lot of traveling this summer! Last weekend, Trip and I drove up to my parents' house so that we could go to the Seattle area with them for my cousin's wedding. The two of us had never taken a long drive alone, but with the help of a DVD player, it worked out well.

After we arrived, Trip had SO much fun helping Noni water the plants (and himself). He kept wanting more and more water.

My grandparents joined us on Saturday morning and we made the drive to the wedding. It was a beautiful day and a great wedding. The only damper was that Trip had only napped for about 20 minutes, so he was unhappy during the ceremony and had to be entertained all through the reception. I missed the entire ceremony trying to keep him quiet or at least far enough away from it that he didn't disrupt it too much. Grandpa and Noni were a huge help during the reception and gave me a chance to visit with family. By the end of the night, we were doing everything we could to keep him happy. He enjoyed "dancing" with Noni to the music.

On Monday, we had lots of errands to run. One of our stops was at the mall. Trip LOVED the Arthur ride there and didn't want to leave it even though I never put coins in it to make it go.

He kept hugging Arthur.

Our drive home was a little rougher than the one there, but we made it and were happy to be back home with Daddy.

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La Belle Coccinelle said...

We went out to pizza with Casey and Mandie and their two kids, and the boys "played" all of the arcade games coin-free. Never even noticed!