Saturday, August 27, 2011


Popsicles, or "pakiss" as Trip calls them, have become a daily treat this summer. I found a great popsicle mold during our trip to my parents' house in July (oh, WinCo, how I love you!) and it has served us well. I had purchased other such molds in the past, but always found that they were too big and thus too hard to eat so we didn't use them. These are perfect for Trip and he gets very excited when he can have one. What I like about the whole thing is that I can freeze juice so it's a healthy snack for him.


La Belle Coccinelle said...

Love that last picture... loungin' in the big chair, chillin' with a pakiss.

Tibbslove said...

Me too... the picture of him hangin' in the chair. Oh he's cute! And turning into such a little boy!