Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools!

Second grader April fools jokes heard today:

“It is not important to recycle. April fools!”

“Mrs. Q, there are spiders taking over the classroom! April fools!”

While pointing out the window: “Mrs. Q, is that your car running down the hill? April fools!”

“Mrs. Q, there’s a spider behind you. April fools!”

“Mrs. Q, your coat fell off your chair. April fools!”

None of those actually “got” me, but I played along and acted surprised.

The one that did get me, however was what two fourth grade students did at the end of the day. I had been taking my students to the pick-up area and was talking to a parent. The two aforementioned boys were walking by. J (names omitted to protect the very guilty) says, “Mrs. Q, M’s nose is bleeding!” M was holding his hands over his nose and walking bent over. I spring into action, ask him if he’s okay and hurry to the keypad to enter my code to open the door so that he can enter the building and go to the bathroom. As I turn around, and start opening the door, he takes his hands off his nose and I can see that he has ketchup on this upper lip. April fools!


La Belle Coccinelle said...

Mrs. Q, there's a spider on your blog, which is also on fire! April fools!
Remember all the fish we used to leave around?

Bryan said...

poisson d'Avril! (I'm getting ready to cut some out for la belle coccinelle to find when she comes home tonight...) Love you! Mom