Monday, April 28, 2008

Catching Up

I spent over 50 hours at work last week, which accounts for several missing blogs and pictures. Here are a few things that made last week so crazy:
  • I had to attend an all-day training on Monday, which is always difficult for us as teachers since we're not used to sitting and listening all day. Although I suppose it is always a good reminder to make things fun and interactive for our students.
  • I and five others spent Tuesday interviewing candidates for three open teaching spots next year. Fortunately we had some great candidates, which, unfortunately, made the decision-making very tough since we couldn't hire them all.
  • Our school carnival went well on Friday, and best of all, I didn't end up having to sit in the dunk tank! Phew! I did it last year and it was a very miserable 15 minutes. Not getting wet mostly made up for having to work a 13 hour day.
I spent the weekend trying to relax and working on things at home. I went through lots of old magazines and decided to tear out the recipes and things that I would actually use and get rid of the rest. I also worked on a couple of hand-made gifts for my sister whose birthday is quickly approaching. I'll have to post some pictures of those later. (Sorry, Rach, you'll have to wait!)

A few more flower pictures while Spring is still in bloom.

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