Thursday, April 10, 2008


Very much unlike the two places I have spent most of my life, the part of western Colorado that I now call home cannot be described as gray. Brown, yes, but not gray. As an Oregonian and a Belgian, gray skies have been the norm. The funny thing is that now that I have lived in Grand Junction for almost four years, they seem so foreign to me. When we first moved here I was elated every time it rained because it felt like home. Now, I'm almost disappointed to see the gray skies that have been around all week (maybe also partly due to the fact that they could mean inside recess, which is never a good thing). We are always thankful for the moisture, however, so few people here complain. We know that the storm will blow over in a day or so and we'll be back to our beautiful blue sky and have green grass for a few days.

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