Monday, August 30, 2010

Grandpa's Tools and Noni's Watch

Grandpa and Noni came to visit us for the weekend. As always, Trip loved all of the attention and enjoyed two of this favorite things: Grandpa's tools and Noni's watch.

Grandpa was helping us with several projects around the house and in the shop. He had his electrical tools in the hallway so Trip yet again too advantage of the opportunity to explore the tools and make a big mess.

Trip also had fun watching Grandpa change outlets.

Another fascination of his is Noni's watch. This all started a few months ago when he would touch the watch that Noni always wears. She would say, "Noni's watch" and he loved seeing her lips move and hearing the words. Each time they see each other, Trip remembers to touch her watch and Noni says the magic words. A couple of visits ago, he touched her watch once when she wasn't paying attention and was looking at her very intently expecting a response. Another funny experience came when he was sitting in a friend's lap who was wearing a watch. Trip kept touching it and looking at her expecting her to know the game. So cute!

Although we got some things accomplished this weekend there was still time for other things...

Lots of eating a drinking

Cuddling (and chewing on stuffed animals)



And a trip to Burger Queen for ice cream (or a cone in Trip's case). We have been trying to take Dad and Mom to our favorite ice cream place in town, the Polar Bear, but for some reason, each time they're here it's closed.

We are so thankful to be so much closer to Grandpa and Noni! We're also looking forward to some more special visitors in September, including Aunt Tammi and Cooper, Gram and Great Grandmama, and Jaime and Kelly. We're hoping to see Auntie Rachel and Corey next weekend as well.

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La Belle Coccinelle said...

I was telling someone at work about Noni's watch and they thought it was just about the cutest/funniest thing they had heard in a while :)