Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Playtime Fun

Trip is constantly on the go and crawling all over the house at incredible speeds. For a while, we even had our living room furniture arranged in a corral so that we could keep him in one place and out of trouble! That proved to be too much of a pain for the adults and the dogs though, so it didn't last long. He loves to play with just about anything, but just like any little boy, the things he's not supposed to have are his favorites. We still have to keep the bathroom and bedroom doors closed and are installing locks on some of the kitchen cabinets and drawers. He is getting better at leaving things alone when we ask him to do so, which is really nice

He has discovered that his toothbrush is quite fun to play with and chew on. I'm sure it feels good on his sore gums. He's also a big fan of the box fan. Fortunately he has only stuck things in it a couple of times. We found this little walking/riding truck at a second hand store. It's been fun to watch Trip figure out how to ride it. He walks with it some, but usually ends up walking on his knees and pushing it around the living room.

He loves riding with this huge moose that Uncle Erik gave him.

Another thing Trip loves to do these days is carry things around in his mouth. He especially likes to do this with stuffed animals.

On Saturday, he was giving one of his monkeys a ride.

He is at the point of being able to entertain himself sometimes, which I love. There are moments when he'll just crawl into his room and start playing, allowing me to get a few things done.


La Belle Coccinelle said...

Very very cute pictures! It's amazing to see how quickly he changes and develops!

Matt & Beth said...

It's so funny how alike Trip and Lucas are! Lucas also enjoys running around with toys in his mouth. Of course, we laugh and chuckle every time... it's so funny to see!

Lucas also LOVES his toothbrush! So funny. I sing a tooth song I made up while we're brushing and he just laughs and laughs. Afterward, he's rewarded with toothbrush time on his own.

He's just a doll, Aimee. I wish our boys could play together, but we'll just have to be patient for the next time we're all in the same place.

Many hugs!

sowlee said...