Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Joys of Being One

There have been some joys and sorrows in Trip's first few weeks of being one.

A really fun thing has been this water table that he got for his birthday. He loved it from the minute he saw the box!

The first time he played with it, he was completely soaked so we've learned that it's a naked activity. Cooper, we can't wait for you to come enjoy the water table with Trip.

One tough part about being one is getting molars. They've been causing quite a bit of trouble lately.

Just shortly after his birthday, Trip also got his first black eye. He was puling himself up on a chair when he slipped and hit his face on it. His face was pretty colorful for a few days, but it didn't seem to hurt much after the initial shock, which was a relief.


La Belle Coccinelle said...

Adorable as always! I kind of wish we had a water table like that when we were younger! :)

Matt & Beth said...
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Matt & Beth said...

Oh poor Trip and all those little hurts. Lucas is in the same boat. He's such a cranky pants with those teeth... he'll just cry and hug us. It's breaks my heart.
Hang in there, Trip! We'll say big prayers for your little owies!
(Ugh. I had to repost this comment, because I didn't check my spelling)

Kelly said...

Why is it that they always come out with cooler toys for kids once you're an adult? It's not fair. If Trip needs a water table buddy to play with I know a 24 year old blond haired green eyed girl from Colorado that can help him out in about 4 weeks. I hope the water table was a distraction from the aches and pains of molars and black eyes. Poor little guy

Tammi said...

We CAN'T wait to play with the water table!! Only a few more days!!
Hopefully you have working plumbing when we get there ;)
Love you guys!

sowlee said...

Nice shiner!!! We had a water table exactly like that and the kids LOVED it. All that remains is the yellow cup now- and it's an "A-team" starter in the bathtub.