Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tools of the Trade

It's no secret to anyone who has been around him that Trip loves all things electrical (wires, cords, plugs, outlets, extension cords, etc.) and tools. We often wonder if this obsession will translate into him being an electrician in the future. At the very least, it's a pretty safe bet that he will be a handyman just like his daddy and grandpas.

Ever since he has been mobile, Trip has been very interested in the vacuum cleaner. I used to vacuum during his nap time but discovered one day that it's much more fun to do it while he's awake. He gets excited when I take it out of the closet and we now have a little routine established. I say, "Trip, ready?" and make a "voom" sound to let him know I'm going to turn on the vacuum. He smiles (and even squeals sometimes) and crawls a few feet away and then sits to watch. At times he follows the vacuum around or holds the power cord and other times he just watches. In any case, he gets sad when I turn it off and waits until I turn it on again and we do the whole routine once more. Anytime I stop, he also takes the opportunity to come over and inspect this wonderful machine.

A couple of days ago I had moved the dining room chairs into the kitchen so that I could vacuum under the table. Trip quickly made his way through them so that he could check his seat for any crumbs (usually cereal) that he may have missed.

Anytime there are tools available, Trip will be there exploring them. He found Grandpa's electrical tools and spent a lot of time pulling them out and looking at each one.

"Look, Noni, it's a screwdriver!"

Doing some important work

It won't be long before Trip will be doing projects with Daddy and Grandpa (and probably driving them crazy with a million questions about each tool and how everything works)!

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La Belle Coccinelle said...

What cute pictures! It's so funny that he is so fascinated by the vacuum. Maybe one day he'll help you out by doing it for you! ;)