Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fish Galore!

Last week, our friends invited us to go fishing with them. We packed up our gear, lunch, and some snacks and hit the road. It took us about an hour to get to the lake, but the drive was full of beautiful scenery and wildlife. Trip was asleep so me missed the cows, deer, and antelope, but we were glad that he got some much needed rest.

Just as we pulled in, the man fishing from the dock caught a fish and then showed us the other three he had already caught. We figured that must be a good sign. We found a spot and settled in. Trip had a grand time pretending to cast and catch fish.

Then he discovered that he could wade in the shallow pool that had been formed by the water level being so high.

A few minutes later, he was running through the water and all wet.

The guy fishing from the dock caught his limit of five fish and left so we all moved over to take his spot.

It was a good thing we did, because the fishing was good there. Everyone fishing started to catch. Zoe and Hannah were kind enough to bring their fish to Trip so that he could see them and touch them.

Zoe caught the biggest fish of the day at 19 inches long. It was the first big one and no one could outdo her the rest of the day.

Logan's came close, but was a couple of inches short. He wasn't too keen on holding his fish at first, so Zoe helped him out.

As the fishing went on, Logan played with Trip. These two had a great time together and laughed a lot.

We finally got Trip out of his wet clothes and away from the water for a while, but it wasn't long before he wanted back in. He settled for just his feet, though.

Somehow putting his toes in his mouth seemed like a good idea.

Enjoying a cookie and being silly.

At the end of the day, each fisherman came home with five fish and lots of good memories.

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La Belle Coccinelle said...

How fun! I remember our fishing attempts at CTS... I think this trip turned out much better ;)