Saturday, July 30, 2011

Walks and the Playground

Since Noni had to work while we were there, Trip and I walked over to see her several times.

I love that he will often hold my hand now when we walk somewhere. It's so cute and something that he hasn't wanted to do in the past.

After one visit, I showed Trip the playground that is right behind Noni's office. He had a great time climbing on the equipment and going down the slides.

For our next visit, Trip brought along a basketball. He was enjoying the slide, when all of a sudden...

he looked over, and saw...

the basketball hoops!

He made a beeline for them and the playground was no use to him after that.

Neither Noni nor Mommy were tall enough to help him make any baskets, which was a real disappointment to him. Nonetheless, he wanted to keep trying and went from one hoop to the other.

We kept trying to get him to shoot his ball into the shadow of the hoop. He finally got the idea and enjoyed that activity.


La Belle Coccinelle said...

Man, if only we had taller genes ;) Mom told me about shooting the hoop at the Andersens office. So funny!

Monica Lawson said...

Hi Aimee and Tripp. I love your shadows .... mommy and little boy shadows. Could I use your shadows in my blog? I'm adding to my "Shadows and Reflections" post and your shadows would be perfect. Please send the photo as an attachment to my email and I'll save it .... if it would be ok. Love your blog! Monica