Friday, July 8, 2011

Grandpa, Noni, and the New Door

Grandpa and Noni came for a quick visit last weekend. While they were here, Dad and Kirk put in our new sliding glass door in the dining room (there was just a window there before). We have been wanting to make this change ever since we bought our house, and since we got some money back on our taxes, we were able to make it happen! We haven't had direct access to the backyard from the house, which meant that we had to escort the dogs out to the yard many times a day. Now, we can just slide open the door. It's wonderful!

The guys got the old window out and then discovered that the lumber yard had ordered us a door that was one foot wider than what we needed. Since it was a special order, there was no way of getting the smaller door in less than a couple of weeks, so they just decided to do the extra work and put in the bigger door.

Trip loved watching the whole thing and playing with the tools. He enjoyed all the hammering and sawing too.

Before they tore out the wall, there was a hole where some wiring had been. Trip discovered that he could poke a screwdriver through it and proceeded to try out most of Grandpa's screwdrivers in the hole.

Once the wall was torn out, Trip wanted to play outside. We put some water in his water table. He wasn't happy with just playing in the water, though. He wanted to actually be in it. Noni lifted him onto the table, and then he wanted his clothes off so that he could swim.

This distraction was good since Daddy and Grandpa had some heavy lifting to do.

After a few minutes, we decided just to get Trip's little pool out and let him play in that since him sitting in the water table wasn't the safest option.

Once the work was done, there was some time to relax. Trip liked having Grandpa give him Goldfish crackers.

Thanks Grandpa and Noni for all your help!

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La Belle Coccinelle said...

Wow what a big change! I can't wait to come see the new door in action!