Friday, June 24, 2011

Funny Picture Roundup

In looking through some pictures of the last month, I found several that didn't make it into any posts, but were worth sharing.

Relaxing with some popcorn :)

Digging in! His small bowl was not good enough. He wanted the big one!

Watching his absolute favorite show, Super Why (which I love because it's all about letters, spelling, and reading), with a bat in hand.

Kaiden, the one-boot cowboy taking a nap on our couch.

Trying on Mommy's fleece. (And not wanting to pose for a picture.)

Pretending to take a nap in the laundry basket.


La Belle Coccinelle said...

Well, growing boys need a lot of popcorn, I guess! Love you all!

sowlee said...

like those. Like how he's got his leg crossed in the popcorn pic. When ranger does that he always looks like a little old man to me.