Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New Baseball Mitt

We have been hearing "Con-con bay-bay" approximately fifty times a day around here for the last week. Last Sunday, our friend Connor gave Trip a baseball mitt that he has outgrown. I had it in a bag of things I brought home from church, and Trip discovered it after his nap. He was beyond excited! Ever since, he has been saying "Con-con bay-bay" (Connor baseball) non-stop. He gets some "Uh-E-ah bay-bay"s (Uncle Erik baseball) in there too, which is only fitting since Uncle Erik got him interested in baseball in the first place.

He is quite taken with anything sports-related and baseball is definitely a big part of that right now. As you could see in the video, he hasn't figured out how to wear the mitt on his hand (and doesn't want us to help him), but he loves putting balls in it and knows what it's supposed to do.

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La Belle Coccinelle said...

I just can't believe how talkative he is, and how good he's getting with sounds! He is such a busy boy :)