Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Swimming Lessons

Last week, our local pool was offering free swimming lessons. Our friend Gabi is one of the lifeguards, so we requested her to teach Trip.

On Monday, we tried sending him in the water alone with Gabi. He did not like that idea, so I got in with him. He didn't really enjoy it much and spent most of the 20 minutes that he lasted in the water calling for Daddy and asking to get out. An outdoor pool at 10am when the weather has only been slightly warm for a couple of days is not really ideal for getting a little one to want to swim.

Tuesday and Wednesday were much better because Gabi's four-year-old brother, Kaiden was there and he had his lessons with us. That helped Trip a lot and made him much happier in the water. He loved throwing the balls they had and "swimming" over to get them. On Tuesday, Kirk tried being the one in the water with Trip, but he wasn't having it, so I swam with him all week. The weather was much colder on Thursday, so we skipped the pool altogether.

Friday was the big success. Trip got in the pool with Gabi right away and was actually excited to be there. He swam with Gabi for at least 20 minutes before asking for me and let me swim with Kaiden.

Kaiden gave Trip a wetsuit that he had outgrown. Trip loves wearing it and it looks super cute on him!

We're looking forward to more time at the pool this summer, especially once the weather warms up some more. We will probably do another session of lessons too to keep working on getting Trip used to being in the water.


Tammi said...

How cute!! His wet suit is too stinkin cute! Good job Trip we are very proud of you!
Love you all.

La Belle Coccinelle said...

What a great opportunity! Learning how to swim is such a good thing :)