Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kirk!

Thursday was Kirk's birthday. Although he did have some work to do, he was able to have a fairly relaxed day. His day started early with a 6am men's breakfast at church, which was perfect because it allowed me to put up the banner I made for him.

I didn't have any camo paper, but I did have some fabric, so I decided to make him a fabric banner to last a few years. I had fun sneaking around making it when Kirk wasn't home.

Trip and I ran to the store to purchase things we needed for Kirk's party and found some good strawberries. It has become a tradition that I make Kirk chocolate-covered strawberries or cherries for his birthday. We enjoyed them for an afternoon snack.

Kirk was super excited that his Double Bull hunting blind arrived on his special day. He has been saving Christmas, Father's Day, and birthday money for the last year to get one. (Thank you to everyone who contributed!) He promptly set it up in the side yard to check it out.

We had a nice dinner on Thursday with the fam and some friends who were here for the night on their way to Colorado. On Friday, we had a bigger party with several of the families who have become wonderful friends over the last year. We were thankful for great weather that allowed us to spend the evening outside. That was particularly nice since there were sixteen kids present (and the same number of adults)! Trip had a fantastic time running around with his friends all evening. By the end of the night, he was exhausted!


La Belle Coccinelle said...

What a fun banner, and those strawberries look amazing! Glad you all had a great time for Kirk's birthday :) I have a card for him, but since we'll be by in the next week or so I figured I'd just drop it by myself ;)

sowlee said...

1. you are so creative! I love the font on the banner, and naturally, the camo. We are a camo family too.
2. those berries be lookin' goooood.
3. schnazzy blind, and happy belated birthday to Goose!
4. Thank you for blogging so regularly. I love to lurk.

Tammi said...

Great job on the banner! Are you going to use it for Trip too?
I'm glad he finally got that silly blind, it's taken him long enough :) I bet Trip could have some fun in there too!
Love you guys!