Monday, June 6, 2011

Shooting Hoops with Grandpa

These last few weeks have been good to me in the work department as I have had the chance to sub nine days in the last three weeks, but in the midst of it, I have not done such a great job of blogging.

A couple of weekends ago, Grandpa and Noni came to visit us. As always, Trip enjoyed the extra attention and had lots of fun playing with his grandparents. Here he is shooting hoops upside down with Grandpa.

Trip also enjoyed playing with the play dishes, food and tools that Noni found for him. He and Noni had fun pretending to drink tea and pretending to fix walls. Dad and Kirk built a small deck outside our dining room window in preparation for changing the window to a sliding glass door in a few weeks. Trip loved standing at the window and watching them work. He had his little tools ready to help.

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La Belle Coccinelle said...

I'd say he's about the best upside-down basketball player I've seen! ;) Love you all!